Stephany Ficut

Some of the greatest gifts we receive are the people placed in our lives. People who love, encourage and uplift us as we run through life together. People we can lock arms and create with. People who make us better and bring out the best in each of us. 

We are thrilled to share this short but sweet interview with Stephany Ficut. She cracks the door on her personal story, advice and worldview as she teams up with Natalia Issa to create a beautiful styled shoot. 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning routines? If so, would you mind sharing what they are and how they set you up for success?

Stephany: I open my eyes and I thank God for another beautiful day. I pray because without God I couldn’t be where I am today.

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey. What led you to discover a love for photography?

Stephany: Ugh.. this is a very very long story.

I was always very passionate about photography but I never imagined myself as a photographer. In 2010 I won a few painting and drawing contests and with the money gathered I was able to acquire my first DSLR camera. I didn’t have big plans with it, much more a future, but I began falling in love with it. At the time I was a student in my first year of college, in a new city and with very few friends. So I carried my camera with me everywhere because of the desire that was growing in me to learn as much as I can about photography.

I began to appreciate my surroundings more, be it a child’s smile running in the park or the simplicity of another reading a book under the shade of a tree.

Time went by and I got to the point of realizing that I wanted more. I started to develop a love for concept photography, and I loved to create stories. I remember nights when I couldn’t sleep because of all the ideas that were running through my mind.

Everything changed for me when I began receiving lots of messages from people I didn’t even know asking me about my prices. That for me was a sign that what I was doing was right. I was very skeptical and a little fearful to step into this journey of photography, to put my name out there. This market is so massive, everyday there’s a new person that just got their hands on a camera and is already a professional. I don’t believe in being mediocre and I didn’t want to be just another one. I wanted then and I want now my vision for photography to make a difference. For me, it’s not about just taking pictures, it’s about telling a story because everything has a story.

Heirloom: Who are your biggest artistic influences and what draws you to their work?

Stephany: Tim Walker. No more words needed.

Heirloom: What work do you most enjoy doing?

Stephany: If you are talking about photography- concepts, definitely.

Heirloom: What has been the most shaping and helpful piece of advice you have received?

Stephany: Never settle for mediocrity.

Make Up by Wendy Zerrudo

On your wedding day, you want to look your absolute best! Which is why we choose the top Texas artists to work with. Wendy Zerrudo is one of the most talented make up artists we have met. We've gotten to work with her many times now and she is not only a true artist when it comes to make up but she is one of the sweetest individuals. If you are looking for any and all make up or hair needs (her assistant Montana is amazing at hair!!!) look no further than Make Up by Wendy Zerrudo based in Mckinney, Tx.


Heirloom:  How long have you been doing make up? Tell us a little about your journey into the business!

Wendy: I've been in the Bridal makeup industry for more than 10 years. I started my business back in NJ soon after I became a mom. I wanted to do something I love and could still take care of my son full-time. I started my makeup career with a well recognized makeup company named MAC cosmetics and shortly after went independent to start my own bridal makeup business. I have met so many beautiful and amazing people along the way. Many have become long time friends after their wedding, one of the many perks of my business. I then moved with my family to TX nearly 4 years ago and continued my passion for beauty and started "Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo" here in the DFW area!! 

Heirloom: You’re originally from up north! Tell us the thing you love most about being in Texas now.

Wendy: Texas has been really great to me. I have flurried as an Artist and Entrepreneur in the bridal and beauty industry. I love everything about Texas, the people, weather, and the weddings, of course. The weddings are always beautiful and detail oriented.

Heirloom: How do you balance work & family life? Your kiddos are SO sweet!

Wendy: As a wife and mother of 2 handsome boys, I do a great deal of juggling. I'm a big multi-tasker and always have been. When I wrap up a wedding weekend I look forward to getting home and just snuggling up with my boys and watching a movie and having a family dinner. It is those moments I give them 120% of me. I also have to thank my husband for being my #1 fan and supporter. He believes in me and knows how much I love my work and he does so much to take care of our boys while I am busy with my brides and clients.

Heirloom: Why do you feel that having an amazing make up artist is important on your wedding day?

Wendy: As a professional makeup artist in the bridal industry I can tell you that hiring the right makeup artist is crucial. For me, I know my bride's will be in front of the camera lens for several hours and the makeup should look the same from the moment she walks down the aisle til the very end of her reception. These are very special moments in your life and you want to make sure it is perfect. So, when you look back on that day you will see a beautiful natural version of yourself just enhanced and timeless.


Heirloom: What’s one shoot or wedding you’ve never done but have always wanted to?

Wendy: Honestly, all of the weddings and shoots are beautiful BUT I have not done a destination wedding and it is on my bucket list. Who will be my destination bride?? Can't wait to check it off my list!


The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

Audrey Hepburn