Taylor Alexandra Photo

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the varying talents of many artists. It is inspiring to see an artist master multiple mediums. Taylor Beam not only paints and creates beautiful paper goods, she is also immensely talented behind a lens. Today she opens up and shares where she draws inspiration as well as her journey into photography.  

Heirloom: Last time we got together, you shared that you do your best work when you aren't rushed. How do you create space in your schedule when you have so many things going? 

Taylor: Good question, I would have to say, similar to what I said last time, separating time for specific things & work and finding ways to streamline things. Being really careful and aware of how things can blend together and become muddy and setting some pretty  Also, just saying no (which I’m terrible at…but it is a skill I’ve been working on and growing in). I’ve always been an eclectic creative and I tend to get bored if I’m just working on creative muscle.

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography. How did you come to picking up your first camera?

Taylor: I have always said that in the creative world, photography was my first love. My grandmother kept photo books of all of the family, aunts, uncles, grandkids…everyone! Capturing moments and remembering them were ingrained in me from that. The idea that you could make a moment last forever, it’s magical! I was always a creative kid growing up, I loved making things with paint, wood, beads - whatever I could get my hands on. But from the time I was 8, something about photos just made more sense to me. I got my first camera for Christmas that year. One of those cheap little purple film cameras. I used like 6 rolls my first day. Then that summer I went to Brazil for the first time and was obsessed with capturing each and every little thing so I could relive it when I got home. From that point on I had a camera with me….like all the time. All other creative parts of me were still there, but there was something about photos that made a lot of sense to me. Through high school and college as I studied and grew in fine art and design, I was always pursuing photography work alongside them. I learned my love for painting something on paper and painting something with the camera were similar but fed such different creative sides of my soul.

Heirloom: How would you describe your photography style? 

Taylor: I love bright, saturated, natural images with a little bit of a moody twist, but not too much!

Heirloom: What inspires you? Where do you turn for inspiration before a photo session? 

Taylor: Nature and the rich, bright colors that are present all around us. And people. I love capturing people and just showing who they are through my camera.

Heirloom: What do you like best about photography as a medium?

Taylor: The ability to capture moments in time and make memories visual and tangible.

Heirloom: Where do you see photography taking you? What area or direction are you most interested in?  

Taylor: Since the start, it’s been about people and places. That’s still true to this day and I don’t see that changing. I love traveling and sharing places through images and I love capturing people. I also love working with small business or bloggers and helping them to visualize their brand through photos. To create a consistent visual language for them.