Anna Smith Photography

Whether a plane ticket or an open road travel brims with endless potential for adventure. Getting outside our comfortable surroundings and experiencing life in a new and exciting way has the wonderful capacity to beautifully unsettle us. It opens our eyes to see the world a new and take note of the things we once walked by. It can cause us to see the world through the lens of another and forever leaves its mark on our hearts and minds.

Anna Smith recently took flight on an adventure of her own, traveling to Dubai & the Maldives while wonderfully capturing the beauty all around. She opens up about her journey into photography and her amazing trip. Enjoy! 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals? If so, would you mind sharing a few of them and why you believe they help you start the day on the right foot? 

Anna: Not at all - but I do like to shower! I believe showers are a good ritual for just about anyone :)

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography. What led you to finding your love for it?

Anna: Everyone has to find a nich to be exceptional in their work. You have to love what you do, and there is no better field for this suggestion than photography. I fell in love with wedding photography in 2009 and was eager to learn more. I just loved that we can't bring the moments that happen back in time, but we find so much joy in reflecting on those memories through photographs. There is no substitute for this art.

Heirloom: How would you describe your photography style? 

Anna: I am mainly photojournalistic photographer during events and weddings with focus on fine art and creative photography with film influence.

Heirloom:  Tell us about this amazing trip! It looks like such a fun time and really makes us want to jump on a plane. 

Anna: Travel is a non-negotiable leisure for me. I love the opporunity to visit a beautiful place and experience new things. Dubai and the Maldives have been on the bucket list for quite some time and I finally took the trip this April. It was an unbelievable experience. A must do. With that being said, there is no place that the water is more clear, more beautiful, more breathtaking than the Maldives. I will certainly be back. These photos do not have any edits. It actually looks like this guys.

Heirloom: What inspires you and where do you turn for inspiration? 

Anna: People's connections and feelings inspire me to create beautiful things. Love, friendships, family - all these evoke feelings and my desire is to show these feelings through my photos.