Lion Heart Image

The rising tightness in your chest, the increasing rhythm of your heart as words begin to stick in your throat and sweat forms in your palms. The doors open and out she walks, dressed all in white, the perfect picture of beauty and grace. Tears begin to form as you lock eyes and the reality of the moment sinks in. In just a few moments time you will be exchanging vows to love, honor and cherish one another as long as you both shall live. Vows not of your present love for one another but weighty and beautiful promises of future love. A love based and ground in permanence with a sure foundation. 

This weekend our family will be celebrating the union of Jake & Chelsea in marriage and could not be happier to do so. These two love one another immensely and daily place Christ at the center of their relationship. They are wonderful encouragers and dreamers. Their energy and love is contagious.

We are so very glad to have Lion Heart Image capturing their special day this weekend. This husband and wife team has such a lovely story themselves and we are so thankful to share a piece of it with you.  

Jake & Chelsea-0005.jpg

Heirloom: Do you have any morning routines? If so, would you mind sharing a few of them and why you feel that set you up for success? 

Lauren: Our morning routine may look a little different then other photographers. Luiz and I both have full time jobs outside of our photography business (which makes life really fun!). Luiz is a creative director for an ad agency called Sovic Designs & I am the manager for a retail store called Climate here in Fort Worth. Our morning routine is waking up, snuggling with the pups & getting ready to conquer another day. We try to really hard to plan ahead with our clients since our schedules can get so hectic with two full time jobs each. As long as things are well communicated, organized & written down for us then we are able to keep trekking along! 

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography. How did you come to picking up your first camera?

Lauren: Luiz started taking film photography classes when he was in high school in Portugal. He began photographing a couple of friends weddings while he lived there before moving to Texas to attend TCU. While at TCU he was studying graphic design so he has always been in tune with his creative side. His viewpoint for photography was really molded by his design work. He gives 110% on every project that he ever does and that translates into his photography as well. He is his hardest critic which helps him to always motivate himself (and me!) to get better. My story is similar to Luizs'. I started with film photography classes in high school & always had my camera on me wherever I went. (This was pre-iPhone era mind you). When I started at TCU I decided to make my minor photography so I really got to experience all sorts of mediums within the art! Luiz and I began dating and that's when we decided to take on this photography hobby of ours and make it a business. That was in 2011 and now we are married and still going strong with Lion Heart Image!

Heirloom: How would you describe your photography style? 

Lauren: Our photography style has molded so much since we started! Sometimes it's hard looking at our first year of images. But we've worked really hard to get to the point of where we are at now and are proud of how we continue to grow! Our style is more photo journalistic then anything else. We really like to be apart of the moment by staying behind the scenes yet making sure we capture them. At the end of the shoot we want all of our images to be cohesive with a storyline to them... taking our clients back through the day image by image.

Heirloom: What inspires you? Where do you turn for inspiration?

Lauren: For Luiz he is inspired by his design blogs & photography blogs. He is always researching and finding new artists that he admires. His brain never really turns off from design so that translates into our images as well. It has an amazing effect on each image taken. I am mainly inspired by Luiz. He is incredible at what he does! He works really hard to strive to get better lighting... the better angle... the better shot. He is always pushing himself and encouraging me to work hard on our shoots. He really is so talented!

Heirloom: You have your hand in so many things. Tell us a little about everything you have going on? 

Lauren: Like I mentioned earlier we have two full time jobs in addition to our Lion Heart Image business. Life can become a little chaotic with constantly having to find a balance. We are currently expecting our first baby in October and are so excited for that little dude to get here! Otherwise you can find us playing with our basset hound mixed pups, Linus & Eloise, going to catch a movie, volunteering with our church's marriage ministry called Re|Engage, hanging out and hosting dinners with our friends or just trying to plan fun date nights every week! We have a Thursday night date night tradition that's been going since we started dating... it's the highlight of my week.