Jovanna Rhea Photography

Summer is often filled with beauty, excitement and travel. We strike off in search of adventure and often we find so much more. Summer has a way of bringing out our wilding adventuresome spirt. That "why not?" attitude that leads to so many of the great things in our lives. 

Jovanna Rhea has a "why not?" story of her own and she was kind enough to share a piece of it with us. A simple love for capturing people just as they are has grown and blossomed into a thriving business capturing the emotions of each bride and grooms day. 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning routines? If so, would you mind sharing what they are and how they set you up for success? 

Jovanna: I don't actually! I do check email and my social media accounts when I feel like I'm functioning. I do find I am much more productive when I put a little makeup on. I know that isn't for some people but It works for me! 

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey. What led you to discover a love for photography? 

Jovanna: I started taking pictures with my a small digital camera my parents had when I was 10. I took lots of pictures of textures and my friends, and compiled them into little albums. My love grew from there. I love capturing people as they are in that moment. 


Heirloom: Why did you choose to specialize in wedding photography? 

Jovanna: I just adore love. Your wedding is a crazy whirlwind of a day and I think people deserve to remember how lovely it was. People feel beautiful, and excited and nervous all at the same time. The emotions from brides and grooms are just fantastic and I love it! 

Heirloom: Who are your biggest artistic influences and what draws you to their work?

Jovanna: I would say the of the "big names" I was most influenced by KT Merry. Every time I look at her work I want to get out and shoot. Her images are so full of love and simplicity. I also have a lot of Utah locals that have influenced me so much. Shannon Elizabeth, who was my wedding photographer, makes things so look so effortless. Brooke Shultz has gorgeous tones and the sweetest family sessions I have ever seen. Meish (photography) makes me want to experiment like crazy, and make art. For me, I think it's important to be influenced by different types of work. 

Heirloom: You're moving to Dallas this September. Tell us what has you most excited about the move?

Jovanna: I was actually born in Texas (Harlingen) and went to High School in Dallas (Plano) so I am a Texas girl at heart! I am so excited to shoot with happy and loving people. Texas has a sense of unity unlike anywhere else!