Jewelry and accessories shape and complete any outfit.They are quite unfinished without them. The lovely Jen at Moulton creates simple and elegant pieces for any occasion. We love how she is inspired by family heirlooms of her own such as her great-grandmother and grandmother's wedding bands. These treasures have inspired Jen to create beautiful items in hopes that they to will become family heirlooms someday.   

Heirloom: Tell us about what inspired you to begin making custom jewelry? 

Jen: Jewelry has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. As a little kid, I used to pile on my grandmother's jewelry from her travels and try on my great-grandmother's handmade jewelry and ask for the story behind each piece. I spent hours with my grandmother learning about her family and her travels and I cherish those memories as an adult, both the time spent with my grandmother and the stories that I have to pass on. 

Creating custom jewelry was always part of the bigger plan. I spent a few years learning and practicing my craft until I felt confident enough in my skills to work on bigger (and more expensive) projects, I still remember the thrill and terror of soldering 18k gold for the first time! For me, creating custom jewelry is the most special project I can be a part of. It usually involves a few months of working one-on-one with a person or a couple and I love that I get to build relationships along the way. A little piece of me is always sad when a piece is presented to its intended because it means that our frequent correspondence is over!

Heirloom: What thoughts & ideas do you wish to pass on to generations to come?

Jen: The past few years have taught me so much about relationships and community. All we really have at the end of the day are the people in our lives. Our legacy is wholly based on what we give to the world, and I ultimately believe, what we give to the people we interact with, whether on a daily basis in our relationships or just one time in passing with a stranger. 

I've learned so much from investing in my community. I get joy, I learn about myself, I am taught new concepts, I have a chance to refine my beliefs with others, etc. I believe that this has been the best investment I've made, of my time and of myself. And I feel beyond lucky to be a part of such an inspiring, kind, and talented community here in Austin. 

Heirloom: To you, why are your heirlooms (your rings) so important to you? What do they represent?

Jen: For me, the heirloom is the whole experience-- the piece I make, how it touches the lives of those who commissioned it and received it, and how it trickles down into their family.  

What I love most about creating heirlooms is the subtle, thoughtful details that represent so much to its intended but isn't obvious to the world. It's important to me to create pieces that are meant to be worn every day, both in their design and in construction integrity. As I'm making a piece, I think about how someone's grandchild will someday own and wear this piece, much as I wear my own grandmother's wedding ring, and the depth of that can be hard for me to grasp sometimes. I love to think that someday, the owner of a piece I created will tell its story to their grandchild while their grandchild tries it on. Fast forward some, that grandchild will wear this piece and think about their grandparent, their childhood memories, and the time that they spent together. I can't think of anything more special than that!

Heirloom: What’s one thing that you haven’t created yet but have been dying to try? 

Jen: My current obsession is wheel throwing pottery! I think I talked about taking a class for two years before finally carving out time to dedicate to learning and I am loving it. I love the tactile experience of clay, I love that it has different working properties than metal, and I love the idea of building beautifully minimal yet functional objects. 

Zoe Comings

Accessories can make or break an outfit, which is why we look for the best. Zoe Comings creates simple and elegant jewelry using mixed materials ranging from clay to precious metals. We love the simplicity with a hint of something special her creations possess. Her pieces can dress up any occasion, whether a casual outfit or a night on the town.