Heirloom Family Gathering

Since our launch in March we have been overwhelmed by the response we have received. We have heard some amazing stories over the last few months and are excited as we continue this journey. 

Heirloom exists to provide a haven for Texas artists to share a piece of themselves. Over the last few months we have been sharing pieces of some amazing stories on our blog. As wonderful as it is to catch each day's new story they cannot replace the connection that naturally flows from sharing a meal or chatting over drinks. 

That is why we are excited to host Family Gatherings. Family Gatherings sprang from the idea that all readers and contributors to Heirloom are family. They are meant to reconnect and bond. That is what we hope to provide - to get to know one another better, to encourage collaboration, to connect again as if long lost friends.  

We would love for you join us for our first Family Gathering! Please RSVP below.