Taylor Lord

The wedding day is filled with deeply felt emotions and rich interactions with family and friends. You form memories that will last a life time as a new family is created and new life begins. Thankfully there are gifted and talented photographers who beautifully capture your day.

Based in Dallas, Texas Taylor Lord beautifully captures every aspect of the wedding day. Taylor shares the habits, routines and stories that make her the photographer she has become. Enjoy getting to know her lovely self.  

Heirloom: What are your morning routines? How do you like to begin each new day?

Taylor: I wish this was more interesting and inspiring! It mostly revolves around coffee and getting out of the door on time with my little one, who is currently four months old! We always go on some sort of adventure in the mornings, and then I try to work in the afternoons during nap time! :)

Heirloom: Tell us your journey? What led you to specialize in wedding photography?

Taylor: A dear friend saw some of my DSLR + film work on Facebook (thanks Facebook!) and invited me to come second shoot with her for a wedding season. It changed my life! I fell in love with weddings- I loved meeting people, seeing their love story and getting to know their family and friends during the day, as well as the “art” aspect of capturing it for them (and myself!). I started my own business soon after and began to specialize more in the fine art side of weddings. I love the classic look and always strive for something beautiful but timeless, as well as those emotional “decisive moment” images.

Taylor Lord-065_Austin Film Photography.jpg

Heirloom: Who are your biggest artistic influences and what draws you to their work?
Taylor: I think the majority of my artistic influences are not in the wedding industry, which I highly recommend! I just saw the Amy Winehouse documentary and am very inspired by her candidness within her work, and how the biggest tragedy of her life drove her to create her most successful album and music. Alexander McQueen is also a huge inspiration- no one in fashion has really thought so much outside of the box as he did and his brand is still creating great work, even after his death. I guess I might have a secret dark side behind all the light and airy images!

Taylor Lord-059_Austin Film Photography.jpg
Taylor Lord-139_Austin Film Photography.jpg

Heirloom: Tell us the story of your biggest challenge and how you managed to overcome it.

Taylor: My biggest challenge has definitely been managing everything during the really busy times. As a wife, daughter, friend, sister, and business owner, there have been a lot of times I have fallen short in one of those roles, and it’s by far the most stressful thing to me. The most helpful thing I did to overcome this was to take an actual Sabbath once a week. It made me more productive during the week and allowed me the time I needed to be the wife, daughter, friend, and sister, as the “business owner” side consumed the majority of the rest of the week and weekends!

Heirloom: What has been the most shaping and helpful advice you have received?

Taylor: Treat every client as if they’re your first client.