Gather in McKinney

Opening your home and your heart for the celebration and enjoyment of others is wondrously beautiful. Going the extra mile to ensure their enjoyment and comfort is the heart of what southern hospitality is all about. Few people have this quality in spades like Crystal from Gather in McKinney. Located on the square in downtown McKinney, TX Crystal and her staff go the extra mile to ensure every guest has a memorable time.

We could not be more excited as Crystal prepares for marriage! Recently we had the great pleasure of photographing her bridal shower. Enjoy reading her story and viewing her beautiful space with designs from Unique Unique.  


Heirloom: Do you have any morning routines? If so, would you mind sharing what they are and how they set you up for success? 

Crystal: I would love to tell people that I’m one of those business owners who has this amazing morning routine that everyone will then strive to-do, that is not the case. I have never been a morning person; along with a giant cup of coffee I need at least 30 minutes before I can even think about talking to someone.  

I do however, keep a list of items that have to be done so when I do finally make it to the office I know exactly what has to happen that day. I use the large post-it boards and have white sheets of paper all over my walls with to-do lists on them. It drives me crazy to have those papers everywhere so the faster I get things done the sooner I can take the papers down. 

Heirloom:Tell us about your journey. What led you to opening your own venue?

Crystal: My journey began with a phone call; one that I will forever be thankful for. Gather had already been opened and starting operating for about 8months when I got the call. The original owner needed out and thought my mom and I were the perfect owners for an event venue.  It had never crossed my mind that I would be interested in something like this, but once I sat down and looked at everything, and with the support of my family I knew I could do it. 4 days later I bought a business and 3 months later I left Corporate America to own a small business.  It has been the scariest, most exciting thing I have ever done.

Heirloom: What is your favorite aspect of owning your own business? 

Crystal: I get to do what I love; and I get to do it with family.  My family has always been close so to now be in business together…it’s just right.

Heirloom: Tell us the story of your biggest challenge and how you managed to overcome it.

 Crystal: Oh, that’s easy….it was getting out of my own way.  I was only 27 when I went full time owning my own business. I remember sitting behind the desk and just staring at my computer screen waiting for someone to email me a to-do list…that never happened. I learned VERY quickly I had to ask for help when I needed it and just believe in faith that it would all work out….and it did.

Heirloom: What has been the most shaping and helpful piece of advice you have received?

Crystal: I have two. 

1.    Pray – I have always believed in signs.  If it’s meant to happen then it will; however, the only way for someone to know you want it to happen is to tell them.

2.    Ask – if you don’t know the answer to something