Wool & Weave

There is just something about holding something in your hands that you know was crafted by those of another. It has greater value and meaning because of the skill & time poured into creating it. We seem to instantly understand that we hold far more than a beautifully crafted piece but that we have something of the artist themselves. 

Marie of Wool & Weave hand crafts some of the most beautiful designs. She welcomes us into her studio to share a little of her creative process and story. 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning routines? If so, would you mind sharing a few of them and why you feel that set you up for success? 

Marie: As a teacher, I feel like I have two very different answers to this question! During the summer and other school breaks, I love my mornings. I don't sleep in, but it's still so nice to start the morning leisurely. I usually make a cup of tea and settle in with some weaving and a podcast for an hour or so, then head off to a yoga class. My routine helps me to ease into the day with focus and energy. 

During the school year, it's a different story... there's still tea, but other than that it's mostly just get up and go. There's definitely room for improvement in that area. :)

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into knitting?

Marie: My mom taught me how to knit when I was in high school, and I kept up with it pretty consistently during college. I always had a project going, but it was really just one scarf after another. A couple years ago I started to become more interested in trying out new projects- tote bags, blankets, even an ill-fitting sweater for my dog. This led me to learning more about fiber and fiber arts in general, and I taught myself to weave last summer using a few online tutorials. I immediately fell in love with weaving. It is meditative and calming, but also really exciting.

Heirloom: What led you to staring Wool & Weave? 

Marie: When I first started weaving, I was just making small pieces to practice and putting them around our house or giving them to friends. I decided to open my Etsy shop last summer after the tapestries began to take over our house! I started sharing my work on Instagram at the same time, and it has been a tremendous blessing to connect with other weavers around the world to share tips and tricks, offer and receive encouragement, and just share our love of fiber art.

Heirloom: What inspires you? Where do you turn for inspiration and new product design?

Marie: I'm always motivated to start a piece when I'm inspired by color. Color inspiration has come from everywhere from Texas wildflowers to book covers to an outfit Mindy Kaling wore on The Mindy Project, no joke! I rarely start a piece with a specific design in mind. For me, the color palette is king.

Heirloom: How do you balance work and play?

Marie: Because I love weaving so much, sometimes the lines of work and play feel blurry. The key for me to turning off my work mode is just to be fully present. For example, working on a commissioned weaving is so fun for me, but if I am weaving and answering emails and checking my phone and worrying about my to-do list, it's exhausting! It's a discipline I'm still working on. It's also so important for me to intentionally step away and do something else in order to stay inspired. Traveling with my husband, trying out a new recipe, going on a bike ride - all of that "play" is so helpful to keep me working so hard.