Karis Crawford

An open landscape filled with rolling hills, tall trees casting shade for young love to gather beneath, the gathering to rejoice & celebrate deep meaningful friendships. All infused with beauty, excitement, and an awe struck wonder that takes our breath away. Such is often the canvas artists paint upon. To capture that tear in your eye as you pause in reflection or the fountain that seems to pour when laughter rolls. With this gift comes the immense power to stop time and live in a moment for all time. 

Karis Crawford, of the Daily Romantics, helps brides bring their vision to life. Recently, Karis shared part of her journey with us, the ups, the downs and everything in-between. We hope you enjoy!   


Heirloom: Do you have any morning routines? If so, would you mind sharing what they are and how they set you up for success? 

Karis: I do! My office hours are a bit different, they start at 10am and run to 7pm. 7pm because most of my brides work full time and do a ton of their wedding planning after work in the evenings, so I love to be available for them in the evening hours. Since, my mornings are free before 10, I use that time to get prepped for the day ahead, eat breakfast without distractions, and spend time with my husband before he leaves for work. Dedicating my mornings to quiet time to just wake up and greet the day helps me start on the right foot and stay focused.

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey. What led you to discover a love for event planning and styling?

Karis: I've always loved planning things - events, parties, vacations, you name it! I'm organized by nature and love lists, details, and celebrations. When I was younger, I was sure I wanted to plan events when I grew up, but college led me into something more corporate. After a few years in the corporate world, I was left with a huge desire for more freedom and creativity. So when my husband and I got the amazing opportunity to move to Austin from Oklahoma last year and I took the leap and finally started my own business. It's been an incredible and hugely rewarding journey and I can't wait to continue to build relationships an plan weddings for years to come.

Heirloom: Where do you turn for inspiration when planning and styling a new event? What does you process look like? 

Karis: For shoots and events, my inspiration comes from a lot of different places. Sometimes it's a dress, sometimes handmade ribbon, or sometimes from a stunning location. For weddings, my inspirations comes completely from my couples. Their passions, values, and style inspires the entire design. It's always my goal to make sure their wedding day not only looks like them, but feels like who they are as a couple. 

Heirloom: Tell us the story of your biggest challenge and how you managed to overcome it.

Karis: I think one of the biggest challenges for me and probably a lot of small business owners is just balancing work life and home life. I work from home and there are always a million things that can be a distractions. There is always going to be laundry to do and the dog will always want to play fetch inside of napping under your desk quietly as you work. My business is built on a service and provides a relationship and I love investing into the relationships I have with my brides. So, that means always being "on call". I'm not sure if there's a perfect method for balancing work and home, but setting boundaries and valuing your time outside of office hours definitely helps. I think it's really important to give yourself grace when it comes to trying to find that balance.

Heirloom: What has been the most shaping and helpful piece of advice you have received?

Karis: There's a quote I heard once: "If it's both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it". I just love that. It can be so scary to take a leap and start a new business, a new project, launch a new product, open an Etsy shop, reach out to someone new to collaborate, etc. but most of the things worthwhile are usually scary in the beginning. I think it's so worth it to find out what could be - what you are capable of doing, making, and becoming. 

Heirloom: What do you most enjoy when your not styling and planning beautiful events?
Karis: I love simple things, like spending time with family and friends, going to the farmer's market or to hear live music, playing with our pup, and trying new restaurants. My absolutely favorite thing is traveling. I can't get enough!