Shawn Roller

"My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and proper conversation." - Kirsty Gallacher 

Shawn Roller like most artists has a unique and personal story that led to picking up a camera. Today he shares that story as well as how he gets his mind right before tackling the day. A while back he spent an evening with the good folks at table zer0, who create farm to table meals and events,  and is sharing some of his experience with us.  

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Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals you start your day with? If so, would you mind sharing a few of them with us including why you feel they help you get the day started off right? 

Shawn: The first thing I do when I get out of bed is get in the shower. I feel like I have my most clear and creative thinking the shower. I often come up with personal projects that I would like to pursue while showering. Next step is coffee. Whenever possible I like to sit with my coffee and not rush around or drink it on the way to work. This gives me time to reflect on the day and set goals to accomplish for the coming day.

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography. What led you to taking up photography? 

Shawn: Growing up I was never allowed to take art classes. My family didn't see the importance in art and it was extremely discourageing. I loved the arts from a young age. Whether it was music, paintings, drawings, photography or sculptures I was always drawn to art. I did not have the natural gifts of a singer, musician or painter. I always told myself that one day when i could afford a camera I would get into photography. I imagined it would be something I would enjoy and also be good at. I never was able to get to the position to buy a camera. A few years back I saw what people were doing with mobile photography. I decided to start taking it seriously with the tool I already had (iphone). I immediately fell in love with it and always wanted to be shooting or editing. I eventually got the Sony A7 mirrorless camera and have been shooting on that for a while now. I have also started to dive into film photography. You could say the route I took is the exact opposite of many photographers.

Heirloom: Tell us a little about table zerO and your evening with them. How did you connect? 

Shawn: Vanessa reached out to me on Instragram. At first I figured I was just going to shoot the event. After meeting Vanessa and Aaron I immediately knew that I was documenting artists doing their craft. It was an amazing experience and a beautiful night.

Heirloom: What about photography inspires you most? 

Shawn: I think what inspires me about photography the most is documenting life and creating memories. Telling stories through images is powerful and I would like to play a small part in documenting the stories of my time.

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Heirloom: How do you balance work and play? 

Shawn: This is a tough one. I have a full-time job and also have a wife and 3 sons. I try very hard not to neglect my family life. This balance is a fine line though. It makes for a lot of late nights and early mornings. My goal is to get my career life more in line with my passions and creativity.

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