Mesa Blue Jewelry

Linsey of Mesa Blue Jewelry creates some of the most lovely designs we've seen and has a heart of gold. We are ecstatic to be sharing her story with you as she opens up on a number of topics including what inspired her to begin making custom jewelry in the first place.

Heirloom: How do you begin your mornings? Do you have particular routine? 

Linsey: My mornings start off with snuggles from my giggly 11 month old in bed. Our morning routine consists of breakfast, chasing a very fast crawler around the house, and a trip to the park if we're lucky!


Heirloom: Tell us about what inspired you to begin making custom jewelry? 

Linsey: I've been making jewelry since I was a kid. I loved going to thrift stores with my mom to buy vintage jewelry. My favorite part was taking them apart and redesigning them. Even today I am always on the hunt for great vintage pieces to bring back to life.  

Heirloom: What thoughts & ideas do you wish to pass on to generations to come?

Linsey: My daughter is almost one. I think about this often. Walk softly, speak kindly, and believe in Gods plan. 

Heirloom: Where do you turn for inspiration when working on a new design? 

Linsey: I pull a ton of my inspiration from the southwest. I am from El Paso and often turn to the desert to recharge. 

Heirloom: What’s one thing that you haven’t created yet but have been dying to try? 

Linsey: I am itching to try my hand at making a living plant wall! I love to garden and this this would be such a fun project.