Maria Maxit

Something about water makes us feel alive. Whether its laying on the beach, swimming in the surf or setting sail it brings together the seemingly unrelated feelings of adventure and peace we rarely find elsewhere. That unexpected mix is good for the soul.

Soon we will be bringing you the story of Archetype Photography and a beautiful shoot on a magnificant ship. Wonderfully talented florist Maria Maxit was part of the magical day and recently shared her reflections with us.

Many years back I attended a dinner with a large group of friends at one of the harbor restaurants that is situated right next to this amazing ship. I distinctly remember having a moment at this dinner where everything slowed down, got quite and I got caught in a trance with the ship, as if I saw the love of my life for the first time. It was eery, but I sat in the moment and new right then that I would eventually be on that ship, somehow, at some point in my life. I knew that I would be on that gorgeous boat and doing something memorable.

Never could I have imagined that the amazing, super talented Archetype would shoot me an email asking me to collaborate in this shoot.  It was so insanely serendipitous, that I think of it often since the shoot happened.  This, as many other moments similar to this one, make me feel like everything is perfectly planned, for me… for these type of unforgettable moments.

That might be ridiculous but it’s true!!

Can't wait to share the rest of this beautiful shoot and story with you soon.