Mallory Morgan Photography

Happy Easter! We hope you spend today with family and friends!

 Enjoy getting to know Mallory of Mallory Morgan Photography. We absolutely love her vision for photography and believe she is a kindred spirit seeking "to hand you images that will serve as heirlooms in your family for generations to come". Read on to learn about her journey into photography and her up coming retreat UNEDITED. 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals or things you do to get ready for a long day of editing or shooting? 

Mallory: I’m learning that for me, a solid routine is crucial for me to have a successful day in the office or out on location. Having said that, I definitely haven’t mastered my routines- I’m a definite work in progress! Right now, my morning routine looks something like waking up, brewing my favorite coffee, sitting on our back porch with my precious husky pup and golden retriever and diving into whatever bible study I’m working through at the time- recently, it has been the IF:EQUIP study on the book of Joshua! So good, y’all.

Heirloom: Tell us about your retreat coming up!

Mallory: Yes! I love talking about this part of my life. God placed it on my heart quite a while ago to create a space for both women and men to be encouraged, to grow and to ultimately understand and find their worth in Christ. That’s about the time our blog UNEDITED came to life! Our very first women’s retreat is being held up in Colorado, in one of the most charming Bed and Breakfasts you have ever seen. We will spend most of our time eating yummy (and healthy!) foods, drinking hot chocolate and taking our masks off. This trip is designed for an intimate gathering of ten or twelve women to come together and to practice the art of rest. Our heart is for each of the women involved to know themselves, each other and Jesus more deeply by the time they leave. We currently have three spots left, and you can learn more about this retreat HERE.


Heirloom: What intriques you most about photography?

Mallory: I look at photography as an opportunity to create something meaningful with my creator. In documenting lovely pieces of this life with my camera, all I’m really doing is hi-lighting the things in this world that God has already made to be so beautiful. That’s a huge honor, a privilege even to get to work with God everyday at my job. He’s kind of a big deal.

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography? 

Mallory: My journey into photography really wasn’t full of many epic twists or turns. During college, I was hungry for some kind of creative outlet (not to mention a way to pay the bills!). So, I picked up a camera for the first time when I was 20 years old, taught myself how to use it, failed a lot and didn’t give up on myself. Now I’m 24 years old, graduated, married and I get to document joy-filled moments for a living. It’s a pretty sweet gig- I am so thankful I kept with it and worked through the more difficult junk to get to the good stuff!