Madeline Harper

Weddings are happy and joyous occasions. They serve as a tangle expression of the devotion and love we are called to share. Despite our short comings, failures and flaws we promise to extend love, patience, and compassion to one another. Weddings bring out the best in us and put our hearts on display for all to see. On our wedding day we have the very best of intentions, to put the needs of our spouse above our own, to remain faithful and true despite what may come.

Madeline Harper captures the love this couple shares perfectly. With each click of the shutter, this Texas native tells uniique stories from all around the world. Today Madeline opens up about her routines, habits and how she fell in love with photography. 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals or things you do to get ready for a long day of editing or shooting? (exs. A latte from your local coffee shop? Making sure you wake up before the sun? Go for a run?) 

Madeline: My routine for shoot days is fairly easy. I wake up early to make a big breakfast and spend some time reading my Bible before I shower (unless I'm already having a good hair day...let's face it, Texas humidity normally requires some finagling). Then I put on a power playlist on Spotify and get ready for the day, dance party included. Then it's time for coffee- either an absurdly large French press at home or an iced latte. On the way to every shoot, the last two songs I play are something Beyoncé and then Red by Taylor Swift. (thanks Michelle, your ritual stuck!).  

Heirloom: How do you balance work & play? 

Madeline: In all actuality, I manage that balance by keeping a good support system around me. I have friends who are in the wedding industry and who aren't. Friends who work creative jobs and friends who have normal 9-5's. I think a balance in community fosters a healthy balance in work and play. I also make it a priority to find time for adventuring and exploring new cities.

Heirloom: What’s one location you’ve always wanted to shoot but have yet to do and why?

Madeline: One location I'd absolutely love to shoot would have to be India. I love humanitarian photography and there is a beauty about India, it's colors and culture and vibrancy, that I would love to capture. 

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Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography. Is there a story? 

Madeline: My journey into photography was organic, grace-filled, and due to a wonderful team of encouragers around me. I began photographing friends in college- I took my camera everywhere, did shoots for free, and posted every single picture. I knew I wanted to pursue it for a career, however, the creative community in my city was lacking. My sister was a huge advocate of my business and introduced me to her wedding photographer (Michelle Boyd) who began pouring into me. She created a summer internship for me in Austin, where I got to soak up knowledge from some of the most talented friends I have. From that point on it has been a steady flow of learning from others, finding my own artistic voice, and chasing big dreams! I recently moved to Nashville, but luckily my brides are all in Texas (and soon enough I will be back for good) so I get to travel back to the Lone Star State monthly to do the job I love.

Heirloom: What’s your favorite thing about owning your own business?

Madeline: My favorite thing about owning my own business is how personal it is. We've all heard the saying "business isn't personal," but to me it is one of the most personal things imaginable. It is a tangible representation of a person's dreams, a product of their brave risks, a story of their growth. It gives you a glimpse of the ways they see beauty in the world. And most importantly, it is an avenue for fostering relationships. That's my most favorite, the relationships built between client and photographer, so at the end of a day I can walk away and genuinely call them friend. My job creates community, and for that I am most grateful!