Loft Photography

Several weeks ago we shared with you the story of Andrea from Loft Photography. Today we bring you Abbey, the other half of this dynamic duo. Together this duo captures not only beautiful images but creates photo collections you will be proud to pass on.    

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals or things you do to get ready for a long day of editing or shooting? 

Abbey:I like to spend as much time as possible with my baby girl and husband. On wedding days we usually take the morning slow, eat breakfast and go for a walk in our neighborhood park.

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography?

Abbey: I fell in love with light and photographs as a child. I got my first film camera in 5th grade, and was hooked. I was introduced to the dark room in middle school and high school, and from there knew photography would play a role in my life forever. It wasn't until college that I decided to pursue the art as a profession. I interned for some really awesome portrait and wedding photographers that taught me some of the most valuable lessons in running a photography business. It's really awesome to look back and see how God planted me exactly where I was supposed to be to learn what I needed to move forward in both photography and business. 

Heirloom: What intrigues you most about using light in photography?

Abbey: Light makes the photograph in my opinion. I love how light trumps location...always. You can put a couple in front of a dumpster, and with the right camera settings and beautiful light, you can create a great photograph. I'm always intrigued by the way light affects the mood of an image. Since our portrait work is mostly natural light, every session brings with it the uncontrollable element of lighting. We have to adapt to it to create something beautiful, and that challenge never gets old.

Heirloom: What’s one thing/event/person/place you’ve always wanted to shoot but have yet to do it?

Abbey: Those really awesome cliffs that Keira Knightly stands at the edge of in Pride and Prejudice. And I'm really wanting to hop on a plan to Iceland right now with my Contax in hand, that would be fun!

Loft Photography-13.jpg

Heirloom: What’s one thing you would like brides to know about shooting in film?

Abbey: Film is a tool, its amazing how beautiful color is on film, and how well it handles harsh lighting situations. But, film also loves, loves, loves light. That being said, consider getting ready in a naturally lit space with a lot of windows! And chat with your photographer about your timeline to allow enough natural light for portrait times! It will make your photographer very happy!

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