Kaden Lane Company

We cannot express enough how excited we are to share with you this true Texas artisan. Kaden Lane Company founded by Kara & Allen, a husband & wife design & building team create the most BEAUTIFUL custom furniture. We have worked with them several times now and we are always blown away by everything they create. They are the sweetest couple and love getting to involve their clients in the making of their furniture so that they truly get a one of a kind piece that tells a story. Enjoy getting to hear from Kara and the heart behind Kaden Lane Co. 

Heirloom: How long have you been building tables? Tell us about your journey into the business!

Kara: Our journey has been a long time in the making.  My husband has always enjoyed making things by hand, while I love design and just making things beautiful!  Over the years, I would get an idea and exhaust efforts to find "the perfect one" of whatever it was and then ultimately we would craft our own version instead.  After relocating to Texas and not knowing the best local places to find unique furnishings.... we designed and constructed our own pieces.  Neighbors and friends loved our work & Kaden Lane was born!

Heirloom: What inspires you when building these beautiful tables?

Kara: What doesn't inspire us?  Primarily our inspiration comes from our amazing clients.  I ask them to send me ideas of what they are looking for, what they love.  Sometimes it is a style from a popular big name company that they would like it to resemble with a few tweaks and sometimes it is just a hand drawn design on a napkin.  I take their ideas and find inspiration in their personal tastes, stories, current collections and combine it all to create their custom design.  It is truly my favorite thing, I love inspired design!

Heirloom: How do you balance work & family life?

Kara: It helps that it is truly a family adventure!  What actually sparked the humble beginnings of Kaden Lane from our garage, was our son's desire to build a desk for his room with his Dad.  Our teenage son loves being involved from selecting lumber to adjusting a new design and anything to get his hands dirty.  Our daughter has an avid interest in design and photography & enjoys that side of the process.  We are blessed to be able to collectively build a brand as a family, there is nothing better.

Heirloom: Tell us about the importance of creating something by hand?

Kara: Anyone can purchase a mass produced piece of furniture that is exactly like their neighbors.  But there is just something about having a piece of furniture that has been custom crafted just for you according to your design ideas.  You know where it's been, who made it, it fits perfectly, and it is an original.... That piece of furniture has a story & that's pretty cool. :) 

For us, getting to listen to our clients and include them in the process and watching it all come together is remarkable.  Seeing their excitement when they finally get to see and touch their furniture, I just can't put into words.  It's awesome!

Heirloom: Is there something you’ve always wanted to create but haven’t gotten a chance to yet?

Kara: Oh, there are always new ideas to create!  So far when I have come across a desire to create something, the opportunity has presented itself pretty quickly after.  We recently worked with an interior designer to produce a unique turned leg console table after I found some amazing pieces that I just had to use on a project.  Love when that happens!