It's Been Three Years

Happy Monday! We have some amazingly talented Texas  artists to introduce you to this week but today we'd like to share with you a little something different. Today is our anniversary! 3 years! We can't believe how fast this time has flown but at the same time, we feel as if the rich, abundant, wonderful, amazing life we live started when we said "I do." We would love to share with you a little about the husband & wife team behind Heirloom as we get this off the ground.

Hannah: Though the wedding day was a blur, I remember how I felt like it was yesterday. As much as I was anxiously excited about getting married to my best friend, I felt calm and ready. Three years ago today, I was putting on my dress & boots, getting my hair & make up done and waiting for the hour I would become Preston's wife. It was a gloriously beautiful April day. Preston looked so handsome in his suit jacket & jeans. (We had such a rustic wedding & I wouldn't change a thing because it was very US!) The days leading up to the wedding were long and seemed to drag on forever because I just couldn't wait. And then the day of the wedding flew by! I am so thankful for the photos & video we have so that we get to relive the most wonderful day of our lives over & over again. Today, I am even more in love with Preston than when we got married. I am married to my best friend and though we don't always see eye to eye we know that with Christ as our center,  and others around us supporting & encouraging us, we will always get through whatever comes our way. I thank the Lord every day for giving me the most amazing husband in the world.

Preston: It was a whirl wind of a day, but it was the best day! I got to marry my best friend and kick off what has been the very best of adventures. Hannah was so beautiful that day. Looking at our wedding pictures gives me the chance to live the day again. To marvel at her beauty and to be reminded of all the Lord has done in our lives over the last three years. He has been so good and faithful! 

What are a few things you love about each other?

Hannah: Preston is an amazing leader & a dreamer. He has a passion for people & telling the stories of others. He is such a goofball and I love how much we laugh together and simply enjoy time together. We can't get enough. :) 

Preston: Hannah is consistently the most positive and encouraging person I know. She is perpetually upbeat and brightens each and every day. Hannah is always encouraging me to seek the Lord and pointing me to truth. I absolutely love that about her! She is my best friend and buddy. Whether it is down the street or across the country, I love going on adventures with Hannah.    


HIS: Sweet tea, boots, spending hours & hours reading books & articles, hanging out with family and friends, going to the gun range, banana republic, and documentaries. 

HERS: Coffee & unsweet tea, booties, taking photos & enjoying time with family, dreaming with other creative people, going on road trips, anthropologie, and period films like the 5 hour version of Pride & Prejudice.

What's one place you'd like to travel to together? 

Hannah: Anywhere we can road trip! I love getting to spend hours in the car chatting away & dreaming with Preston. Oh and maybe Ireland. 

Preston: Boston. It is my absolute favorite place to visit. I have been a few times and love the history of the city and singing Sweet Caroline with thirty thousand people at Fenway Park. I just can't wait to have the opportunity to share one of my favorite places to visit with her! 

Words of wisdom to other creatives: 

Hannah: Two things - Jon Acuff said "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." That's my favorite quote. And also, don't be afraid to dream big and take a chance on the things you really want to do in life. Find what means the most to you and what you're most passionate about and make it happen. 

Preston: As Tim Ferriss says, "Usually what we most fear doing is what we need to do." Run towards your fear! That tingly feeling you get in your gut might not mean what you've always thought. Those knots might not be telling you to run away but just might be the confirmation your seeking.. Whatever it is that has you a little scared, run towards it. Sure things could go badly, but being bold enough to get in the ring might just mean more than winning.  

Thank you Leslie Savage Photography for capturing our wedding so beautifully! 

venue: 1899 farmhouse | florist: express yourself floral and design studio | videography: chris mano