Hurd & Honey

It seems that many of life's biggest adventures begin with the joining of two hearts. As two become one they inspire each other to push limits, climb new heights and dare to put their best out into the world. 

Such is the tale of Hurd & Honey. As two became one, dreams took flight and the result is a beautiful shop that inspires us all. Hand crafted and infused with passion and love, each piece carries part of their story from their home to yours. 

Heirloom: Do you have a set morning routine? If so, would you mind sharing what a typical morning looks like for you and how that sets you up for success.

Kristin: Typically our mornings begin with packaging orders. Our parcels are picked up each day around noon, and because we are still finding a way to manage our days a bit better, we often find ourselves preparing the day’s packages that very morning. It’s usually a team effort; I wrap everything, mostly fragile items like mirrors, in great quantities of bubble wrap, and Sam handles preparing the boxes and fitting everything inside, and placing it on the porch. This routine definitely sets our day into motion, as we play music, drink coffee, and move in and out of our desks while one person prepares the next item to be sent out. We work out of a large shared office (our master bedroom actually), it allows room for all of the packaging, printing, and office equipment. This is also the time of day where we share with one another what our goals are, what needs to be done for that day, and from there Sam moves out into the woodshop and I continue packaging smaller items, corresponding with customers, and handling the odds and ends that come with an online business. 


Heirloom: Tell us your story. How did you discover your love for design and styling?

Kristin: Our story begins with our wedding - our union as husband and wife seemed to set into motion a dream for something different from the jobs we currently held. We never really discovered our love for design and styling, but rather found ourselves in love with it as it was happening. Our first pop up gave us a chance to create a tiny space for selling our products, and continued to improve with more experience. Our first Etsy product listings propelled a love for product styling and photography, and our skill improved over time, and still improves as we learn more about lighting, camera function, and marketing. Our love for design and woodwork evolved as our woodshop evolved, and as we took risks with new product ideas. Sam and I have always loved arranging the spaces in our home and making our spaces cozy and representative of who we are; the pieces in our home each have a story, and in a way we hope the pieces we make for others carry a story with them. 

Heirloom: Where do you look for inspiration?

Kristin: Inspiration comes at any given moment, but especially in moments which we are finding rest. We enjoy traveling through National Parks and other natural areas; hiking and exploring new places by taking small "farm to market" roads brings deep satisfaction. We also find inspiration in vintage and antique pieces that we’ve inherited from family; our home is filled with pieces of furniture and decor that have been in our families for multiple generations. Sifting through old photos and perusing the current trends on Pinterest, it’s all inspiring, and encouraging. One thing we know is in seasons of poor inspiration we are challenged to ask why, and address the area in our lives that is lacking vulnerability, because in full vulnerability we can’t help but be inspired. 

Heirloom: What advice would you give an aspiring artist?

Kristin: To take courage and begin with sharing your work with others, despite a level of perfection that is desired, is a great first step. Through the rejection or celebration one learns to understand more the direction that they should move. It is completely natural to fear the outcome, mainly because we all carry pride and find our work inferior in some ways, but it’s not worth not trying. 


Heirloom: What is the best part of working with your spouse?

Kristin: Working together is a blessings and a pleasure; we walk through all of it together, the ups and downs, the over-the-moon exciting moments, and the completely defeating moments. "Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12


Heirloom: What is next for Hurd & Honey? 

Kristin: I wish we knew!! We have had dreams of one day running a brick and mortar with a woodshop in the back, it would make more sense for our growing family, as we’re expecting our first child in January. Curating a physical shop would be thrilling for both of us, and it would still allow us to make online sales. Right now we are doing our best to manage our time and order volume as our busiest season approaches. We will continue to explore each new opportunity with wisdom and a little emotion.