The Cake by Hannah Morrison

Hannah Morrison is a small-town girl making Dallas her own since 2010. This spirited young lady lives a life full of fun, adventure and creativity. Her blog, The Cake, allows us to live vicariously through her as she hits the town in style. Today she takes us behind the scenes to learn about her marriage, big dreams and more. 


Heirloom: Tell us how The Cake got started! :) We would love to hear the story!

Hannah: Long story short, I have always loved writing. I was that kid that when we had pop-essay exams in high school, I got excited. The Cake is simply a continuation of my blog from college, Mostly Because It’s True. I started writing my freshman year of college on the blog and fell in love with it. It was a horrendously designed Blog Spot, but people actually read what I wrote and would reach out to tell me that what I wrote really touched them. It was the first time I realized people might also think I can write decently besides my favorite English teachers from throughout the years and my parents. I committed to being vulnerable for the sake of being transparent at the potential of helping others. Then, when I got engaged in 2013, I created a blog called, The Cake, which was a wedding planning blog connected with my blog Mostly Because It’s True. I always posted sporadically, maybe 3 or 4 times a month, but I never fully committed. Then after I got married The Cake was no longer relevant and I stopped writing almost entirely on Mostly Because It’s True, because I just didn’t have time. Over Christmas break this past year, though, I had two weeks off and realized I missed writing. I took time to re-evaluate my passions. My husband is honestly one of the main reasons I started writing again. He is always so encouraging, my number one fan, and he urged me to pour into my blog again. I love my job at Need and Foremost, it satisfies my love for business, fashion and creating something interesting. I completely revamped my blog though, stealing my wedding blog’s title -The Cake- officially, creating a space I could pour out my passions and creativity into just as much outside of work as I do in. For Need I get to put together outfits for men, on The Cake I get to write encouragement and post outfits for women. It’s like having two completely different children, and I have to treat each one differently.

Heirloom: You’ve been married for over a year now! Tell us (honestly) how married life is going!

Hannah: Marriage rocks! It’s freaking hard, but mostly because I am stubborn and want things done in particular ways. (But don’t tell Paul I just said that.) We knew getting married young would bring its own set of struggles, but we also knew we just wanted to be married. So, we did and we just celebrated our first year. WE MADE IT! One of the best things we did was make a pact when we got married to be the most honest couple about marriage and all the it entails. Frankly, not enough couples are truly honest with others or themselves about how they are doing. Then, all of a sudden, couples end up in intense marriage counseling or getting divorced, and their friends and family are blind sided by it. Honesty with each other and your community is key to thriving in your relationships- particularly in your marriage. Marriage truly is not easy, and we refused to be that couple that just smiles and says they are doing just great when in reality they were just screaming at each other in the car. If we are in a fight or just had one and someone asks how we are doing, we are extremely transparent and honest about the fact we are fighting. We love one another, and I think showing each other love means being exposed and vulnerable at all times. Wearing masks is a quick ticket to destruction. I am so thankful for my husband, and I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else at the end of the day, you know? All the hard stuff- disagreements, finances (!), different ways of doing things- is 100% worth it, because I come home to my best friend every single day. I get to be goofy, eat Sprinkles cupcakes way too many times in one week and live with my favorite person on the planet. 

Heirloom: What is the heart behind The Cake? What thoughts & ideas do you want to inspire women with?

Hannah: The heart behind The Cake is so much more than just clothes. I love clothes, it’s always been a passion of mine. But, I love having a platform to encourage women to believe they are loved and beautiful. Every single post of mine, I sign it with “You are loved.” That is the reason I do what I do. Fashion is just an easy segue into speaking truth into women. Fashion defies all language barriers, it’s a commonality amongst the masses, and it’s such a simple way to connect with women of all kinds.

Heirloom: What are your goals for The Cake? (I know you mentioned your own clothing line!) :) 

Hannah: Honestly, long term, I have no clue what The Cake could become, but I have big dreams! My greatest hope is to write a book, I actually just started it about a month ago. It’s a collection of my writings in short essay form. I go home everyday from work, work out, make dinner, put on my pajamas, and then write just a little bit more of an essay or start a new one. I also have dreams of custom stationary designed by friends, a clothing line and home goods. How fun would it be to have dinner plates for your home that say something about cake on them? I sure know I would eat cake for dinner any day of the week over chicken or fish. Am I right or am I right? The Cake could become anything I want it to, but it all comes down to believing I can actually accomplish those dreams. I am currently trying to force myself to believe I am capable of the “big dreams.”

Heirloom: Tell us some of your favorite brands & fashion trends right now that we NEED to be following! 

Hannah: My favorite brands… oh gosh. Where do I begin? The hardest part about this question for me is it really depends on which persona of Hannah you are talking to. I have a deep love for extremely chic, classic looks as well as mega boho. And then I really dig street wear. I love it all. For affordable classic girly looks, I love Chic Wish. I also really love Madewell, Free People and Top Shop. My favorite kind of shopping though is in local boutiques like Riffraff and Milk & Honey. Trends to follow- WEAR HATS. For the love of all things, just try it once and you will never go back. The only reason people feel weird wearing a hat is because everyone else is skittish to wear one, too. If everyone just did it, though, our problem with feeling like a walking statement would completely diminish. You follow me? I love floppy hats, straw hats, baseball caps… the options are endless. A second trend, bold prints. Wear graphic prints, large florals, mixed prints… just have fun. I love mixing unlikely options together and seeing how it works.