Feather & Twine Photography

Kelsey and Talon of Feather & Twine Photography have the perfect eye for light. Whether it is the expanse of a forest of Redwoods or the small glimmer of sunlight in a diamond these two capture each couple's day in the most wonderful way. We are grateful to be bringing their story to you.  

Heirloom: How long have you been Feather & Twine? Tell us the story of your journey into photography. 

Kelsey: We've been Feather & Twine for the past three years. I (Kelsey) was the original photographer, making my start with my step father's 35mm Canon at the age of 15. My aunt, a senior photographer at the time, was extremely impressed with my natural eye for composition and ability to manipulate light in photographs (all completely new concepts to a 15 year old, it was one of those "oh... yeah... totally did that on purpose!" moments). Soon after, I began photographing everything I could find from flowers to fellow students to thematic styled shoots. A couple of years later my aunt transitioned all her clients my way, that same year I met Talon and we immediately began dating. It wasn't long after that I asked him to start second-shooting for me, because he's always been such a natural creative, I knew he would excel in the new medium. We decided to rebrand to Feather & Twine Photography, and specialize in weddings, after we had accumulated more experience and realized how much we loved the rush that comes from shooting weddings. After Feather & Twine launched, our couples were finding us all over the internet and we became full time photographers the next year!

Heirloom: You're about to be MARRIED yourselves! Tell us a little about how you proposed!

Talon: I've wanted to marry this wonderful girl years before the actual proposal. However, living and working together makes it extremely difficult to plan anything without the other knowing. We are a fairly private couple and we love traveling, so when I started thinking of proposal ideas it was easy to decide on proposing in an amazing location. The actual act of deciding, was ridiculously difficult, that is, until we received a wedding inquiry in London! With a trip overseas in the works, we immediately agreed to take a trip to Paris (how can you not?) and thus the setting was set. For months I tried to think up plans and ideas for where, when, and how I was going to propose in Paris. In the end, I decided spontaneity was the way to go for us.

We had one full day in Paris to explore the entire city. That morning as we got dressed, I slipped the ring into my jacket pocket and we set out for the Eiffel Tower during sunrise. The entire process of planning for this trip I had decided to keep the ring with me and feel out the day as it happened. While at the Eiffel Tower, the Champ de Mars was muddy and tourists had already started filing in. Us (myself in particular) being the shy ones we are, I decided tourist locations are not going to be the places I propose. That cut out a lot of my proposal options for the day, but I was still positive we would find a perfectly beautiful, secluded area before the day was over. We continued on after the Eiffel Tower to the Pont Alexandre III, the Petit Palais and the Grand Palais, through the Tuileries Garden and onward to the Locks of Love bridge (Pont de Arts). We locked our little guy, tossed our keys, and zigzagged between all the couples making out to continue our walk. We passed the Notre Dame and Shakespeare & Company, ate lunch on a relatively quiet street and found ourselves back in front of the Louvre. Museums are an absolute favorite of ours and the Louvre was a  White Whale in our eyes. Once inside we spent 2 hours and only covered half of one of three floors of one of three wing in the entire building. The museum was packed with people so my idea of proposing in the midst of hundreds of ancient sculptures was pushed to the next stop. 

By the end of the day our feet were bruised and our brains exhausted, but I still hadn't proposed. So I convinced Kelsey to head out from the hotel one last time with a promise of gelato, to see the Eiffel Tower light up on the hour on our last night in Paris. The gelato shops were closed, and I could see Kelsey's eyes lose hope, but we were on a last mission, so we hopped on the tube with 30 minutes to go until the tower lit. We immediately realized we were heading the wrong direction. The next stop was a quick transition to a different train heading as close to the Eiffel Tower as we could get without missing it light up at 11:00pm. We ran out of the train at the Place de la Concorde and jetted across streets of traffic to the edge of La Seine. With a minute to spare I pulled the camera out for us to photograph and as Kelsey was getting set up, I pulled out a letter I had written to her. The Eiffel lit up and as Kels was photographing, I handed her the note and dropped to one knee. The setting was perfect. There was nobody around. This beautiful girl was smiling and reading. The air was cool. The Eiffel Tower was gleaming. I was shaking. She finished the letter and the first thing to come out of her mouth was "Noooooooo way! Is this real?!" Classic Kelsey. I showed her the ring, a ring she had seen fleetingly online before it sold out (to me). After a few more minutes and Kelsey repeatedly saying yes we spent the rest of the night walking (at midnight in Paris) and talking of when and how I got the ring, where it was hidden the whole time (in our double broiler in the kitchen), how she had literally no clue it was coming, and what her parents had to say. It was thrilling and will forever excite me.

Heirloom: Also, how do you believe that being married will affect you as wedding photographers?

Kelsey: For me, I've already been able to empathize with my brides on every aspect pertaining to the love they feel for their future husband and a lot of my photography inspiration comes from Talon & mine's relationship so shooting with the intention of love and joy being a focal point in our images has always been generally easy for us. But, strictly speaking from a wedding standpoint, just being in the planning process with my brides has made me have stronger relationships with each and every one of them. It is so sweet to get emails from brides who I've been emailing congratulations and asking about their wedding plans to them asking the same questions back to me! I feel like it's made my connections with our brides even deeper. On a fun note, now every single wedding makes me feel even more excited for our upcoming nuptials. I have a feeling once we're married, every wedding after is going to remind me of small, special moments from one of the happiest days of our life which will inevitably continue to grow our connections with our couples!

Heirloom: What is one thing as an artist that you would encourage other artists with?

Kelsey: Work hard, but play hard too. Remember that even though your art is a part of you, it doesn't have to be every part of you; take time to experience life (and even rest, if that's what you need), your contentment in your personal life will translate in to your art. That's one thing we struggle with, especially working together all the time, is making time for a personal life. Date nights are important!

Talon: As a fanatical Jackie Moon once  said, "Everybody love everybody!" I think it's extremely important to spread good vibes to everyone you meet. It can be a simple high-five for being awesome or some words of encouragement in what they are accomplishing in life!

Heirloom:  What is one shoot, event, place, etc that you¹ve always wanted to photograph but haven¹t had the chance to yet?

Talon: I love traveling. It's extremely inspiring. And the one place that would really bolster creativity for me would be New Zealand. Shooting a wedding, or just a couple, there would be amazing.

Kelsey: I would love to photograph a stylish couple in a lavender field in the French countryside. Or a bride and groom  to be on the coasts of Italy meandering through the streets and swimming in the blue waters! Or an intimate elopement in the foggy mountains of New Zealand! I really can't pick. My biggest goal right now is to just see and experience as much of the world as I possibly can.