Father's Day 2015

Dads matter. Whatever culture may be telling us there is nothing that can replace the value and shaping influence of a dad. He reads you bedtime stories and helps you learn to ride your first bike. He helps you with your homework and fixes things when they break. He encourages you to take on new challanges and listens when things don't go you way. Dad loves you no matter what and molds you into the person you become. 

No day is this more evident than on your wedding day. Those intimate moments of discussing memories shared and the life to come are so precious! He offers guidance, counsel and an encouraging word. He points you towards truth and eases the tension. Although on that day a father gives his daughter in marriage, he remains dad. A trusting force to help you and your new spouse navigate the waters ahead. To encourage you when the road gets tough and celebrate when you take new hills. He never stops loving you. One of the most loving things he can do is entrust his little girl into the hands of her husband to care for and love her as he has.