Heirloom This Fall

August has been an amazing month. We have traveled thousands of miles with two of our favorite people, Kendall & Clint Hanna, visiting beautiful  beaches and consuming gallons of sweet tea. We traveled far and wide, strengthened deep relationships and experiencing so much of the south. While we enjoyed every minute of it, September is upon us.


We have spent the last month thinking hard about Heirloom, where we want to see it go and what will best serve you, our readers. In the past we have published new interviews daily which has meant that each new and wonderful story spends less than 24 hours on the blog. We think that is a shame. Beautiful stories deserve greater time and devotion. Moving forward we would like to devote greater attention to each story we feature by giving them greater time up on the blog. This means that we will be changing our posting schedule to three days per week. 

One of our favorite things about Heirloom are all of the great discussions we get to have with some of the very best artists in Texas. Once again it is a shame so many of the those conversations are not shared in wider circulation. We aim to change that this Fall by bringing some of those discussions to you here.    

That being said Heirloom is always on the look out for contributors. Whether your a writer, photographer, florist or have a small business we would like to share your gifts, talents and story. If we haven't connected previously or even if we have we would love to hear from you!

Hitting Pause

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night at our Houston Family Gathering! We had a marvelous time connecting with you and hope you had just as much of a blast connecting as we did. 

The last several months have been chalked full of shoots, events and so many wonderfully fun things that we have decided to hit pause for little while to rest and recover before the craziness of the Fall season is upon us. 

We will be taking a few road trips, spending some much needed time with family and friends, and brain storming how we can bring you guys more amazing stories of Texas artists. We will be publishing sparingly over the next month or so but will be sure to share a recap of last night's event, road trips and more along the way.