Callie Manion

There are few things as lovely as two people in love. Their hearts fluttering and their minds no where but the moment, there just isn't anything quite like real "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" love. Capturing this emotion and scene has long been the artist's muse. From classical artists who mastered the brush to the modern creative mastering their camera, two people in love is the classic and most intriguing of subjects. We recently caught up with Callie Manion and asked her about working with couples. 

Callie: Throughout my photography career I have photographed all different types of groups--families, babies, senior portraits, weddings, etc--but I quickly learned that I have a special love for photographing couples. There is just something about working one on one with a couple in love.

My couples sessions cover engagement photos, "day after" sessions, anniversary photos, and really any other type of session that is all about a couple in love! I try to keep these sessions as relaxed as possible and it really comes down to just getting to know the couple as I photograph them. I find that asking them questions about themselves and their relationship always puts them at ease, usually gets them laughing, and makes for some beautiful portraits! I love seeing a couple interact and I always try to catch the natural moments, which usually come right after I direct them into a pose or action. One of the reasons I love working with couples is I have time to do just this: catch the natural moments. There's no fuss, no stress, and no distraction. It's just me and the couple and our only real limitation is the sun! 

Another thing I love about working with couples is having the chance to see them interact and watch them be sweet to each other. It really tugs at my heart strings to see a boyfriend/fiance/husband carry along his significant other's purse, or help her through uneven terrain. I love hearing guys pipe up when I ask, "So tell me how you met?" And the way a man looks at his woman is sometimes enough to make me swoon!

I am someone who gets invested in other people very quickly. I used to see this as a dangerous quality in myself--as it makes me pretty vulnerable--but I have found this to be a powerful tool with my photography business, as I am constantly meeting and interacting with new people. After a very short time with a couple, I can develop a really strong friendship. And I've been known to tear up during the exchanging of vows after meeting the couple only minutes before. This means I really care about my couples and love developing relationships with them. Many of them become great friends afterwards!

One of the most rewarding experiences I can have is after a shoot is wrapped up, the guy turns to me and says, "You know...that was actually pretty fun." It's always nice to hear this from the women as well, of course, but since they are usually the one booking the session and excited about it, they already know it's going to be fun! The men, on the other hand, usually come to the shoot a little begrudgingly, thinking, "How long is this going to take?" So when they are pleasantly surprised at the end of the session at how easy and fun it was, then I know I've done my job!

I am a hopeless romantic. Watching couples in love is so much better (for me) than any chick flick or romance novel. They are the real deal, right in front of me, whom I have the privilege of working with and creating memories for! What could be better?