Ever & Anon

Jessica of Ever & Anon truly understands what Heirloom is all about. "It has been on my heart for quite some time to provide images to my clients they will treasure forever. Something to remind them of those special moments they shared and the legacies they have." Today we'd love to share with you the beautiful work of Ever & Anon. I've always had a fascination with film and Ever & Anon is one of the best we've seen in Texas. Jessica chats with us about the balance between family life & work, read on to hear her story!

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals or things you do to get ready for a long day of editing or shooting? 

Jessica: My morning ritual starts with my alarm going off around 7:30am, and by alarm I am referring to my 15 month old jabbering away in his crib. My husband and I will then grab him and start making breakfast, which usually consists of scrambled eggs, toast with strawberry jam, and coffee. Then my hubby is off to work and it’s either play time or off to Mother’s Day Out for my son and I, depending on the day! I have realized that I work best with a balanced life that consists of being here and in the moment with my family when we are all awake and working during school and nap times. I don’t want to ever miss a moment with my children and I feel more focused and refreshed with my clients when the house is quiet while my son is sleeping.

Heirloom: Why do you feel photos are so important? What is your heart behind them?

Jessica: Photos to me are so important to have as keepsakes to remember those special moments, relive those emotions you felt at that time, and leave an imprint of the legacy you are living. When my son was born, I realized how fast time flies by and how important it is to treasure each moment we have together. I started taking as many photos as I could to stop those moments in time and wanted something tangible to have as he grows up. One day having them to show his children where it all started. It’s our family story I get to hold close to my heart every time I snap the shutter and see an image.

Heirloom: What is the hardest part of your job?

Jessica: I think the hardest part is sometimes stepping away and leaving work left for another day. My studio and office are in our home, so I will often times find myself working late hours after my son goes to bed just to get one more email out or edit one more session. We are expecting baby #2 this March and a lot of changes are headed our way with our growing family. It’s a season of life that will require more rest and I am learning to embrace the slow season ahead. 

Heirloom: What is one thing you hope to pass down from generation to generation?

Jessica: The value and beauty behind working with your hands to create something. Whether it’s a photograph, a piece of art, or something as simple as a personal DIY gift, I want my children and my grandchildren to experience how wonderful it is to create something. The time and patience it takes. The creativity. It becomes more personal and valuable when it comes from the heart.