N Barrett Photography

We are so thrilled to feature Natalie of NBarrett Photography today!

We got to  chat a little with Natalie and asked her a few questions about herself! Natalie is a Dallas based wedding photographer telling love stories one beautiful image  at a time. We know you're going to enjoy getting to know her. 


Heirloom: What about weddings inspires you?

Natalie: There is so much about weddings that inspires. Each wedding is like a blank canvas and that leaves so much of a story to be written. There are so many different components and they all turn out a little differently.


Heirloom: How did you find your love for photography?

Natalie:I fell in love with photography as a Christian missionary. I was asked to blog weekly and since I am far from being a decent writer I choose to speak with images. For about a year these images were my voice and the words of the homeless, fatherless and desolate around the world. I fell in love with photography because images are a powerful form of expression and can speak a thousand unspoken words. 

Heirloom: Tell us a fun fact about you!

Natalie: Hmmm that's hard. Okay, I have filled almost two passports with travel stamps to foreign countries. That's a lot of travel!

Heirloom: What did you love most about Olivia & Ryan’s wedding? And why? 

Natalie: I loved that the wedding wasn't about the wedding at all but about the celebration of their love and dedication to one another. I was touched by a moment I captured directly after the ceremony where they shared tears of joy during a private portrait time. (ugly cry=me).

They were relaxed and laid back and it put the whole day at ease and left room for the importance of the celebration and the real reason that we were there. Last but not least, they trusted me and gave creative freedom and I believe that's when artist do their best work. 

Heirloom: After a long day of shooting or editing, what inspires you to keep going & do things with excellence?

Natalie:I would being lying if I didn't tell you I am extremely type 'A' and that part of my DNA is what drives me...however, I am inspired to keep going because my couples give me reason to believe that they are counting on me and trusting me with memories from one of the most important days of their life. How could you not respond to that and want to do it well? When I receive notes and letters, after weddings, with words of praise, it confirms that I am in the right place. I hope that I can always do my job (whatever it is) with excellence. 

I am personally so inspired by Natalie's works and hope her brides know how much she truly pours herself into her weddings.  Looking forward to showing off more of her gorgeous images.