White Buffalo Project

A new movement that is sweeping across Texas is the White Buffalo Project. "The White Buffalo Project is a movement.  A movement that gathers women together in authenticity. It's the battle for genuine connection during a time where we are encouraged to wear a mask, compete, and cut down. It's a project to create groups that pow wow around each other. Groups that celebrate successes, but also lends a nonjudgmental hand in the trenches. It's saying, "Me too." And the White Buffalo Project is on the move. We are creating events all across Texas, and eventually the rest of the US. Events that invite women, of all backgrounds, to come together and change the conversation. Change the way women treat each other. Change the culture of the community. And change ourselves." - Kendall & Hailie

"I had the privilege of getting to photograph their first ever conference in Houston, Tx. And I just need to say how excited I am about this project. Kendall Hanna & Hailie Durrett have worked hard to create such a beautiful vision for women in this day & age. I am proud to call them friends and cannot wait to see where White Buffalo takes them." - Hannah 

Just wanted to share with you a local Texas movement today on this beautiful Saturday. For ladies only, sorry fellas. Don't worry, Heirloom Family Gatherings (for all Texas vendors!) are in the works and will be launched soon! 


"My ultimate goal is to change the conversation. Create a community of women who completely celebrate each other’s successes instead of compete/cut down. And just be real humans together. This is something that I am deeply, deeply passionate about. 

We are hurting as women. All of us. And we are all thriving. And have voices to be heard + heal. And I have hand selected you all to be the warriors who create a revolution of authenticity and connectivity. 

The background of the white buffalo comes from the story of a woman who blesses an entire tribe, sending a white buffalo as a sign of abundance and community. 
I want us to be those white buffalos. Those women who bless an entire tribe. Who get into community. Who inspire women to pow wow around each other." - Kendall Hanna


"The White Buffalo Project is a community organization that fosters positive relations and encourages the mutual support of all women, through their successes, hardships, and every day in between. This will be accomplished through regular gatherings of these inspirers, creating a safe space to share vulnerabilities and celebrate victories." - Kendall & Hailie

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