Behind The Scenes

We look forward to sharing so many great stories with you in the days and weeks to come! In the mean time, let's take a moment to get to know each other. 

It has taken many wonderful people working together to bring Heirloom from a dream to reality. Since Heirloom is a home for treasured stories and memories we would like to begin with a telling of Heirloom's beginning.

Heirloom birthed for one of those "Hey, why not us?" moments that are so often the beginning of new adventures. It began with the idea that artists so pour themselves into their craft that when you hold their work in your hands, you are holding a piece of the artist as well. In doing so they create something so beautiful and full of value that it is passed on to the next generation. It becomes part of family lore. Stories are shared regarding it memories are formed around it. But that's just part of the exchange. The truly beautiful thing isn't the art created but the artist creating it. Each possessing their own hopes and fears. Each processing through their own hurts and failures. All of it weaving together and shaping who they are are and why they create. We often miss the amazing stories of those around us. Heirloom seeks to step into this void and connect you with the tales of these great Texas artists.

Our Creative Director & Editor, Hannah, of Cottonwood Road Photography, knows this story well because it's her story. As a wedding photographer, she pours herself into every aspect of creating a beautiful collection of photos for her clients. Her eye for light & passion for people are the perfect blend. There isn't much she wouldn't do for one her brides. 

When she's not behind the camera she enjoys spending evenings with her husband dreaming of new projects, lots & lots of coffee and chatting away for hours with friends sipping on a glass of red wine. She also loves adventures in small towns with her dad finding treasures of old & discovering stories of the past. 


Preston is our Business Director and in charge of Artists Relations. He is the rock on which this publication stands. Preston is a people person. He has a passion for others & desires to get to know each and every person we meet. Having been in the corporate world for some time, Preston is confident in handling all business affairs and has an odd love for spreadsheets. 

When he's not out & about meeting with artists, Preston loves to read. From book series to daily articles, he is constantly learning. His passion for words makes him an incredible writer as well. You can typically find Preston in his leather chair, IPA in one hand & a book in the other. 


Our Art Director, Taylor, of Magnolia Tree Paperie is the designer of almost every aspect of what you see! Taylor is one of the most talented artists we've met. From wedding invitations to hand painted iPhone cases, this girl can do it all. She grew up in Abilene where she fell in love with the arts, black coffee, thai food, west Texas sunsest & coming home. Taylor has always had a love for creating things, sharing people's stories, and finding inspiration from the world around her.

When she's not painting or designing, Taylor enjoys time with her husband Sim, watching New Girl and making delicious dark & stormies. 


Hannah and Taylor are also the founders of The Concinnity Workshop . 

We also want to thank the many people who have supported us in this adventure!  A special thanks to Jon Flaming for our amazing logo! Thank you for stopping by  & helping us kick off what we think is the start of something truly wonderful!