Sarah Carpenter Photography

" I love photography, I love food, and I love traveling, and to put all those three things together would just be the ultimate dream." - Jamie Chung

Just because we're proud Texans, doesn't prevent us from exploring the world and finding new adventures. In fact, it may encourage it! Today's jet setting artist, Sarah Carpenter, captured some beautiful images while chasing adventure in Paris, France. Let's face it, its hard not to be inspired by Paris. 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals or things you do to get ready for a long day of editing or shooting?

Sarah: I can’t say that I have any rituals before a day of editing, but I usually get pretty anxious before shooting a wedding, so I like to have a little pre-wedding dance party before I head out! It calms my nerves and gets me pumped up for the day! 


Heirloom: What’s one thing/event/person/place you’ve always wanted to shoot but have yet to do it? 

Sarah: I have a serious passion for dance, specifically ballet.  I could watch ballet dancers all day everyday and have been dying to do a shoot highlighting the strength and grace they show on the stage and the classroom.

Heirloom: What intrigues you most about photography?

Sarah:  I love the way photography can freeze a moment in time and make it last forever. Sometimes I even feel like I see something different or more beautiful from behind the camera than I would in passing.  It makes me take a moment to truly look at something, to truly cherish every single beautiful ounce of this beautiful world we live in. 

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography! Is there a story?

Sarah: I have loved being behind the camera ever since I can remember. I spent my childhood making music videos with my sister, stage Beanie Babies for “styled shoots” in my room, forcing my sister and friends to get dressed up and pose for their “glamour” shoots and discovering how awesome the macro mode on my point and shoot Canon was! I took pictures of every flower I could find, stones on the pool, and our sweet pup, Lexi, but I honestly didn’t think anything would ever come from it. Academically, I dedicated all of my studies to the sciences as I thought that I was destined to become a Doctor, but God had other plans for me.  He showed them to me everyday, but I didn’t see my purpose until after I’d already graduated from college with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. My journey with the arts included piano lessons, spending my days painting (poorly) in the backyard, writing short stories, playing the violin in the school orchestra, and dancing 6 days a week for almost 14 years, and I truly believe that every single one of these actions has contributed to the artist I am today.  I still draw inspiration from music, from still art and from ballet, and I try to incorporate those inspirations in every single one of my photographs.