Pearls & Poppies

Monet is my absolute favorite painter. I also love the way he talks about color, beauty & flowers. "I  must have flowers, always and always." I agree Claude... Flowers are a must have in my world. Which is why I love getting to work with talented florists like Pearls & Poppies

Molly of Pearls & Poppies allowed me to take some behind the scenes footage of her designing a centerpiece for her friend's 30th birthday. Molly has a heart of gold & is one of the most naturally gifted florists I've met. Enjoy reading about her sweet self. 

Heirloom: How long have you been doing florals?

Molly: I started playing with flowers four years ago and actually pursing florals full time two years ago.

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals or things you do to get ready for a long day of floral arranging?

Molly: Yes! I usually wake up around 7 and do all of my prep work before the delivery guy gets to my house! I am not a morning person, so first things first I have to get some coffee! Depending on time sometimes I will go and grab a white chocolate mocha (my fav) from Starbucks, or I will just make a cup of coffee and dump a LOT of french vanilla creamer in it! After that I start filling all my vases and buckets up with water, so once the flowers are delivered I can get to work.


Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into floral design?

Molly:  Right after college a lot of my friends were getting married and were on tight budgets so they had all the bridesmaids help out with the centerpieces and bouquets! That's when I fell in love with making arrangements! For the first year or two, that’s what I did as a fun side hobby. I had a lot of close friends who got married, so I got to play around with flowers a lot. I finally realized that I wanted to pursue this passion of mine, but I wasn't for sure how I would go about it! Thankfully I have some amazing, sweet, loving family members who are also entrepreneurs that I could run to for advice.  It took me awhile to jump into it full force, but with a lot of prayer and encouragement from my family, friends, and community I took the leap. It has been a slow journey but I am LOVING it!


Heirloom: You also nanny for sweet kiddos, tell us about them!

Molly: Yes I take care of a sweet family, who I have been with for three years! They both honestly have such sweet little hearts and fun personalities! It has been such a neat journey with them and such a huge blessing!

Heirloom: What’s one thing you wish brides knew about the floral business?

Molly: That is such a tough one, but I would have to say I wish they knew that they are not only paying for the flowers but for all the work that goes into each arrangement! For me I truly pride myself on making beautiful fresh arrangements. With doing that you may have to pay a little extra but the quality of the product will be completely worth it! Flowers alone are not cheapeven when you buy them wholesale they are still expensive. I honestly had no clue how expensive flowers were until I became a florist.The florist's intention is not to rip off their clients by any means. The amount set for the flowers does not include all the other materials you need or the labor put into each arrangement. There is a lot of prep work to do before making arrangements. Once the flowers are delivered you have to take them all out, start cutting the stems and taking all the leaves off. Once you do that and get them into water then the fun begins with making pretty arrangements!


Heirloom: What’s one thing you want to pass on to other creatives and also to your someday kids?

Molly: I would say that if you are truly passionate about something and it’s one of your gifts that God blessed you with, run with it. See where the Lord takes you on your journey. It might be just a fun side hobby that you do or it could turn into a small business or maybe even into a big business. Either way, use your gift to the fullest and you’ll be glorifying God through that process. I feel that one thing I have truly learned over the past several years is that starting your own business is such a humbling experience wrapped up in a ball of crazy, fun, exciting, sad, stressful, etc. times! I have learned a whole new level of patience and how to completely trust in the Lord with all my heart.  At the end of the day, He has got this and He is control! I have also learned that its ok to not be perfect.  If you mess up and something is not exactly right,  it’s NOT the end of the world! You can always learn from your mistakes!

Heirloom: Tell us about you!

Molly:  I love being around people especially my sweet family and friends who are near and dear to my heart, I love sweet tea (slightly addicted), coffee, volleyball, random crafts, being out in the sun, and most importantly Jesus! It has been a dream of mine to own my own business just like my dad! Little did I know that playing with flowers at all of my closest friends weddings would become a true passion of mine and eventually turn into Pearls and Poppies.  Hands down, I’m still in awe over that fact!   I come from a family who I absolutely adore and thank my God for everyday! Truly a huge blessing and a big part of who I am today!


Heirloom: Where do you call home? 

Molly: Richardson, Tx but I would call my "home home" Denton, Tx.

Heirloom: What's your favorite floral to work with?

Molly: That is a tough one..... So I kind of have four dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, and peonies!! And I love any kind of berries to add texture!

Heirloom: Did you go to school for floral design? 

Molly: No, I really just started doing it as a side hobby and then it turned into me wanting to pursue this passion of mine full time! I have taken a couple of floral workshops and I took one business class in college which has been helpful with starting my own business!


Heirloom: What is the most challenging part of your job? 

Molly: It’s hard to narrow down to one thing. Delivering and set up can be rough at times. I would say another great challenge and can sometimes be slightly stressful would be getting the flowers. Sounds silly, but until you actually see the flowers sometimes you don't know what you are getting! For example if your supplier is not able to get what you ordered they will send you something similar, but it might not be the right color. So you either have to run out and get more, or work with what you have, while being on a time crunch! It can get pretty hectic at times, but at the end of the day it always ends up working out just fine!


Heirloom: How would you describe your style?

Molly:  I would have to say whimsical with a touch of rustic.

Heirloom:  What’s your favorite thing about owning your own business?

Molly: Doing one of the things that I love most and getting to play with some of the most beautiful things on earth that God created for us to enjoy! Pretty amazing if you ask me!!