Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography

"I use a fine art film approach in my photography to create beautiful, light-filled images that evoke a sense of emotion and beauty." - Kayla Barker

We are beyond excited to share one of the very best film photographers in the state of Texas! Kayla Barker is not only a sweetheart but has a truly special talent for capturing light. We adore not only her work but the passion she has for weddings, marriages and families. 

Heirloom: Do you have any morning rituals or things you do to get ready for a long day of editing or shooting?

Kayla: After scrolling through social media, I like to get my coffee and get my emails knocked out right away so I can spend the rest of the day creating!

Heirloom: What do you like to do for fun? 

Kayla: Travel! I love to travel to new places, meet new people, try new food and of course take lots of photos!

Heirloom: What intrigues you most about photography?

Kayla: Photography is so magical because you can freeze a moment in time. That moment, emotion and light all coming together on film…there's nothing like it!

Heirloom: Tell us about your journey into photography! Is there a story?

Kayla: I always loved taking photos and documenting my life with the camera! I would carry around my film SLR that I saved up for and shoot my family and friends. I loved dropping that film off at the local grocery store and getting duplicate copies to pass out. It's no wonder that my professional journey in photography has migrated back to shooting film. The thrill of seeing your images for the first time and holding them in your hands, it's so special. Documenting people's lives and relationships is truly my passion. I want their grandchildren to be able to pull those photos out of their print box I gave them, hold those memories in their hands and fill the love and emotion that was captured in those photographs. That is why I love photography so much!

Heirloom: What’s one thing/event/person/place you’ve always wanted to shoot but have yet to do it? 

Kayla: Oh wow! That is hard… So many places left to explore and photograph, Bali, Ireland, Italy and lots more! I do want to spend more time photographing those closest to me, my family and friends!