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Heirloom exists to provide artists a haven to share not only their work, but to pass on a piece of themselves. It is about leaving a legacy and passing down treasured memories from one generation to the next. Heirloom is more than a home for beautiful images and floral arrangements.

It is where tomorrow meets today.

What fellow artists are saying:

"What excites me about Heirloom is the mission behind the publication.
It isn't here just to be another wedding blog, inspiration station, or to clog the internet with the same old same old. It is here to share beauty and celebrate the fact that art and legacy come in many shapes and forms. To showcase unique talents and pull in local artists and cultivate collaboration and support. I am committed to Heirloom as a vendor and artist! "

Taylor Beam - Magnolia Tree Paperie

"I am so excited for Heirloom to launch! I am really looking forward to getting to learn about so many other creative artist all over Texas! Not only will it inspire others to pursue passions, but it will show the true beauty of all the hard work that is put into every little detail!

Molly Black - Pearls & Poppies

"Today, so much of what is visual is purely for advertising or self-promotion. What is so incredibly exciting about Heirloom is that it celebrates something so much deeper. Heirloom is bringing together all that is beautiful, but with the intention to celebrate it’s true meaning and the story that it tells for generations to come. I am truly honored to be a small part of a mission to bring back the importance of artful remembrance in the wedding industry."

Kendall Hanna - Kendall Hanna Photography